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October 13, 2015

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What's New at IBEW 332
Raul Lopez- A fallen Brother
Many of you have heard of the unfortunate death of Local 332 Brother Raul Lopez. He was killed as a result of injuries from a fall on a residential jobsite in Santa Clara. Because of a Local policy we haven't posted anything on his passing but it is important to convey that Brother Lopez was a family man with two young sons. Read More...

      Sunday October 18th 9:30 AM.   

 Sign in Link::  www.diabetes.org/ibew332

Download: IBEW 332 Flyer.pdf
Water on the Jobsite

Water on the Jobsite

Provision of water.

 Employees shall have access to potable drinking water meeting the requirements of Sections 1524, 3363, and 3457, as applicable, including but not limited to the requirements that it be fresh, pure, suitably cool, and provided to employees free of charge. The water shall be located as close as practicable to the areas where employees are working.

The purpose of requiring that water be “fresh, pure, suitably cool, and provided to employees free of charge” and “located as close as practicable to the areas where employees are working” is to encourage workers to drink water often and avoid making the workers interrupt their work in order to do so. To ensure that water is fresh, pure, and suitably cool, Cal/OSHA advises employers or supervisors visually examine the water and pour some on their skin.

Fresh and Pure

Water must be fit to drink (i.e., potable) and free from odors that would discourage workers from drinking the water. If an employer supplies individual water containers, the containers must be clean, and a source of potable water (e.g., a municipal water source) must be readily available. Water from non-approved or non-tested water sources (e.g., untested wells) is not acceptable. If hoses or connections are used, they must be governmentally approved for potable drinking water systems, as shown on the manufacturer’s label.

Suitably Cool

During hot weather, the water must be cooler than the ambient temperature but not so cool as to cause discomfort.

When employees are working across large areas, water should be placed in multiple locations. For example, on a multi-story construction site, water should be placed in a safely accessible location on every floor where employees are working.

IBEW Local 332 Annual Picnic
Thanks to all those who showed up to our annual Electro Skill Meeting and Picnic at Coyote Ranch on Saturday July 11th. It was quite a turnout. Read More...
The Cost of the Decline of Unions
A New York Times Opinion piece came out on Thursday, February 19th, that some might find interesting. It is a columnist at the Times admitting in an Op-Ed piece that he was wrong with his previous belief that unions in our country were bad. He now understands that whatever misgivings he previously had were far outweighed by the positives. Read More...
The Union Made/American Made Shopping List
Looking for a resource that directs you to Union made and American made products? Check out the following: Read More...
Check your State Certification for Expiration Date

Download: ElectricalCertificationFormRenewal.pdf

Interested in joining the IBEW?
IBEW Local 332 represents all types of Electrical Workers in Santa Clara County.
You can bring yourself, or your entire company to the IBEW.
With greater market share, all Electrical Workers benefit.

 Commercial, Residential, Voice Data Video, Solar Photovoltaics, Green Jobs, Energy Efficiency.
If you are thinking about the Electrical Industry, or have been in it for years, we want to help you join!
For more information Contact the:
Membership Development Representative

Talk to an IBEW Membership Development Representative today @ (408)269-4332

Gerald Pfeiffer- Sal Ventura- Pete Reyes Jr- George Galindo- Benjamin Marchand -

David Bini- Pete Armendarez.

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